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Leicester Chinese Sunday School (LCSS) was founded in 1996 with the aim to provide a friendly and structured learning environment in Chinese language (Mandarin) and culture for the next generation of ethnic Chinese as well as non-Chinese community members in Leicestershire surrounding area.

Our school is nonprofit organization and run by a school committee which consists of four volunteers. LCSS has registered with Leicester Complimentary School Trust (LCST) and National Resource Centre (NRC). Our school has been awarded Quality Framework Bronze Award by NRC. Class teachers and parents also make significant contribution towards how LCSS should operate.

Currently we have 8 classes which rages from preschool (4 years old) to GCSE level and beyond. The class sizes are small and usually kept at around 8 to 15 students.

The majority of our students comes from a Mandarin speaking family, some of them come from non Mandarin speaking families and/or with non Chinese ethnic background. We welcome children from all backgrounds to join us. The students not only learn Mandarin and about Chinese culture, but they also have the opportunity to make friends and develop social skills.

In addition to Mandarin classes, we also provide maths booster classes from 12 noon to 12.30 pm. The maths classes focus on how to tackle the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Maths Challenge questions as well as general math for younger children.

Latest News

Term 2018.

Autumn and Winter Term Dates:

From 2nd Sept to 16th Dec 2018 inclusive, excluding 21st and 28th Oct 2018, 14 weeks in total

Oct Half Term Holiday:21st and 28th Oct 2018

Spring Term 2019 starts on 13th Jan 2019.

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