Currently we have seven classes available, class sizes range from 8-15 students per class. We aim to keep our class sizes as minimal as possible, so that our students are able to benefit more.

In our school, we mainly use the textbook 《中文》(暨南出版社)for our Mandarin classes, although class teachers also have freedom to choose additional teaching materials to suit their classes. This could include Chinese nursery rhymes, stories, news etc.


Mandarin ClassLevelClass SizeTime
1Advanced, Textbook 12 above GCSE level8 10am-12noon
2Intermedite, Textbook 6 GCSE level1210am-12noon
3Intermeidate, Textbook 4 pre GCSE level1210am-12noon
4Beginner, Textbook 31210am-12noon
5Beginner, Textbook 21410am-12noon
6Beginner, 快乐汉语1010am-12noon
7Beginner, Textbook 11010am-12noon
8Beginner, 幼儿汉语1010am-12noon

Math ClassLevelClass SizeTime
1Intermediate Math Challenge, it is suitable for school year 9-118 12-12:30pm
2Junior Math Challenge, it is suitable for school year 6-81212-12:30pm
3Key Stage 2 Math, it is suitable for school year 4-61212-12:30pm
4Key Stage 1 Math, it is suitable for school year 1-21212-12:30pm

Text Books

The textbook 《中文》can be purchased from school at a cost of £10 per set, which consists of one textbook and two excercise books.


We encourage our pupils to register for the GCSE Chinese exam through their own school when they are ready. Many past students had passed their GCSE in Chinese with A*.

Individual Lesson

For individual tuition, please contact us, we will do our best to help.

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Term 2018.

Autumn and Winter Term Dates:

From 2nd Sept to 16th Dec 2018 inclusive, excluding 21st and 28th Oct 2018, 14 weeks in total

Oct Half Term Holiday:21st and 28th Oct 2018

Spring Term 2019 starts on 13th Jan 2019.

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