How to Join


We welcome anyone aged between 4 and 18, who is interested in learning Mandarin and exploring Chinese culture, to join our school.

Step 1:

First contact us, a trial two-hour session can be arranged at a charge of £7.00 before a formal registration, so that you could decide if our school is suitable for your needs. After brief introduction of our school, your child will be assigned to a class depending on his/her age and previous knowledge of Mandarin.

Step 2:

After the trial, if you would like to join our school, please then download the registration Form and return it to school.

Step 3

Start the school and the fee would be calculated according to how many sessions remain for the current term.

Students can enroll throughout the year while school opens, but no refund will be given if you have withdrawn from the school half way through the term.

School Term

The school has two terms per year:

First Term: Jan-July.

Second Term: Sept-Dec.

The school opens from 10am to 12pm on every Sunday during school terms (excluding half terms) at Judgemeadow Community College, Leicester.


Registration Fee: £20.

Fee for Mandarin class: £6.00 per 2 hour session.

Fees for math class: £3.00 per 30min session, learning materials are provided.

Textbook cost is excluded.

Fees are payable twice a year at the beginning of each term.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any query.

Where to find us


Judgemeadow Community College

Marydene Dr.

Leicester LE5 6HP

Latest News

Term 2018.

Autumn and Winter Term Dates:

From 2nd Sept to 16th Dec 2018 inclusive, excluding 21st and 28th Oct 2018, 14 weeks in total

Oct Half Term Holiday:21st and 28th Oct 2018

Spring Term 2019 starts on 13th Jan 2019.

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